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Why choose OrthoNow

Ortho Now is a leading providers of treatment for work-related injuries. 5 Reasons to choose OrthoNow for your next workers' compensation case :

  • Dedicated Workers' Compensation Coordinator

    Dedicated on-site Workers' Compensation Coordinator which means that Adjusters, Case Managers, and employees have one simple and easy point-of-contact for all matters concerning the co-ordination of care, paperwork, and appointments.

  • Experience with Workers' Compensation Cases and Injuries

    The physicians at Ortho Now have been evaluating and treating Workers' Compensation injuries for many years. This experience enables them to effectively evaluate and treat work-related injuries and communicate with Adjusters and Nurse Case Managers in order to get the best possible return-to-work outcome.

  • Listed with All Major Workers' Compensation Networks and Plans

    All of the practice's physicians are listed with all of the major Workers' Compensation Networks. If any of the doctors are not showing up in your network, please contact our Workers' Compensation Co-ordinator at the information provided below.

  • Efficient office Providing Form on the Same Day

    When managing a Workers' Compensation Case, it's important for Adjusters and Case Managers to receive the information they need in a quick and efficient manner. That is why Ortho Now strives to return Forms on the same day as the appointment.

  • Good Return to Work Outcomes

    Last – and certainly not least – is the fact that the team at Ortho Now is well known for providing the best possible return-to-work outcomes and getting employees to their Maximum Medical Improvement as quickly but safely as possible.